Womb Fury@ The Crescent


‘A term of historic interest for the presence (or absence) of the hymen in a woman, which was once regarded as symptom of physical disease that, if not cured, might result in death.’

Being a woman=dangerous. Sarah Grace Logan and myself create joint poems that aim to explore this, how women are marked out as other, as bad. Extract from one of our first pieces:
Womb Fury

We are skin travellers:
manipulators of bodily order,
fingers shaped for moulding men,

we slough the flesh with our nails.
wear them like masks; they taste
of skin cells, regret and the fake

voices they use to describe us.

The latest piece we created used extracted lines from John Donne‘s romantic metaphysical poetry mixed with chat up lines when we googled: sex phone lines, shaping a found poem out of this created dialogue. We performed this at The Sixth Spoken Word at the Crescent:

This ties into the latest campaign of For Books’ Sake, which addresses the under representation of women in set texts in English classrooms:

‘With English writers now being priotised over American voices, women writers previously favoured by exam boards, such as Harper Lee, Maya Angelou and Alice Walker are set to be excluded.’

#BalanceTheBooks: commit to gender equality and better diversity in terms of class, race and sexuality in set texts for GCSE English Literature.

Here is the link, please do sign the petition!

See here for the other poems of Womb Fury!


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