NMP3: Rose Queens

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“If we all helped carry the weight of injustice, we could not bear it, and so we would finally stop tolerating what we’ve been content to force others to carry alone.”- Emma Sulkowicz

Coming together through craftivism to discuss what we want changed with the representation of women was a really powerful experience. Putting the discussion into what we would put onto the wedding dress meant that we moved from pure white, to colours, to feathers, to ripping into the dress and pulling its netting out of the slitted skirt, and adding blood!

Here’s the team working on the attack:

We also did a group exercise where we added to a gingerbread person, on the inside how women are represented now, and on the outside, how we would like to see them represented in the future.

Representation of Women

Representation of Women

To list off a couple of quotes about how women are represented now:

  • Role model=Katie Price!
  • Judged on effort put into appearance.
  • Media comments on motherhood/lack of children on totally unrelated areas, eg ”Mother of 3 head of BBC’
  • Extra dehumanised in media stories, ie ‘Monster’ like the coverage focused on Myra Hindley.
  • Thin/slim=good vs fat=bad

And how we would like to see women represented:

  • To be seen as a human first and a woman second
  • Older age women more visible, respected and cherished.
  • Getting rid of idea of ‘normal’ women’s bodies and identities.
  • To be represented as something not other!
  • As individuals rather than types and labels
  • To value logic, to value humour, NOT APPEARANCE!

If you wanted to see the prompts we worked with, here is a downloadable pdf of them: News in Briefs Prompts

We used random words from news in briefs to create our own messages for the world.

Working with everyone on this event was an inspiring experience. The dress by the end of the event had the additions of: period blood, pubic hair, a tie, a scarf, feminist badges, a NMP3 tote, rewritten and recycled words taken from News in Briefs, plus all the other junk and glitter that are what we have to create a new version of what women can be.

Photo by Sara Ellis

Photo by Sara Ellis

Many thanks to People’s History Museum for hosting us. See their album of the event here. And it was great as ever, to work with Camilla RØstvik, Helen Mather and Anne Louise Kershaw on this event.

NoMorePage3 Mcr will also be working with Warp and Weft at their event Big Up Female Boffins in October!


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