NMP3: Wollstonecraftivism: This Sat!

Hello all,

This Saturday 13th it’s Wollstonecraftivism! 12-3. Defo try and come for 12 because after we’ve kicked off there will be breaks and a relaxed workshop, but at 12 there will be the most context. But it’d be great to see you at 1pm/2pm as well if you can’t make it that early! This time the event is with the People’s History Museum, a brilliant venue. Really looking forward to seeing who comes and sharing thoughts with the group about how women have been represented across history, from Mary Wollstonecraft to the Rose Queens of Manchester.

Wollstonecraftivism 1

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I think maybe I should talk a bit about why I support NoMorePage3?

When I first saw the campaign I did not think it was important. I remember dismissing it and thinking, it’s just page three, it’s always been there, why shouldn’t it be? Conversations with other people made me think more about the campaign, and why it might be important. One of the main things that changed my mind on it was the frequently asked questions. I think I read that page through a few times! There was a lot to think about. For example:

Q. Nobody is forcing these women to model for Page Three. Aren’t you going to put glamour models out of a job when they are only trying to make a living?

A. There are generally very few page 3 models at one time and most of them do other work as well as page 3, working free-lance in the industry for many publications and websites.

This campaign is not about the models on the page, but society as a whole…We think that it might be nice to promote some other career choices that showcase women’s talents and abilities.

This is only an extract, but for me reading these answers was a bit of a wake up call that actually, even if I’ve convinced myself Page Three has always been there, and it doesn’t matter, actually, maybe it does matter.

Then I went to some of the NoMorePage3 Manchester meetings and it started to make more and more sense, that Page 3 actually is a reflection of many of the ways I feel uncomfortable about myself, and about the representation of women. It started fitting in with street harassment I had experienced, and my attempt to make Page Three reasonable by saying, it had always existed, trying to make it okay, was not helping, and was just me telling myself not to be worried, when actually I think I am worried!

So that’s a bit about my slow realisation that I supported the campaign. I’m really pleased and excited to be a part of NoMorePage3 in Manchester, and the event this Saturday will be a glorious mix of an old wedding dress, cut up words from News in Briefs and a portrait of Mary Wollstonecraft.

Thank you very much to People’s History Museum for hosting us! You can find more information about how to find the event here on their site. 


NMP3 Run #1

NMP3 Run #1



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