Rebecca Audra Smith and Anna Percy

Anna P and me perform some joint poetry….

First Draft

Greetings, #FirstDraftFridays followers!

This week we’re sharing some poetry from Rebecca Audra Smith and Anna Percy, who have been working and writing together for a long time, and are the brains behind Manchester-based poetry group, Stirred Poetry. They performed a brilliant set at our 2nd birthday event, Two’s Company, sharing some of the poems that they’ve worked on together for another excellent double act.

They’re only little, so we’ve got TWO of them for you today, you lucky… things…

We’ll share the other poems from Rebecca and Anna’s set in due course.

We want more!

Do you? My goodness. Alright, calm down… Well, for starters, you can watch the videos from Two’s Company that we’ve shared so far here.

Find out more about Stirred Poetry, and go along to one of their brilliant events.

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