NaPo: No! (Frida Kahlo: yes)

So, what happened with me this year? After Day three I completely let go of the NaPo bandwagon, I didn’t even attempt to cling to the sides. I think I may have froze, partly because I wanted to keep going with the 52 prompts which are weekly poetic prompts. So I wanted to do one prompt a day, one prompt a week, for a month, plus writing my own stuff, plus writing in workshops for Stirred and preparing guest slot for Poets and Players. It just wasn’t going to happen.

I’ve managed to complete it two years in a row though, playing fast and loose with the rules but completing in time. I did that Frida Kahlo influenced sequence which is now appropriate as Stirred: Frida is upcoming.

Monday 26th May @3MT

Monday 26th May @3MT

I am kind of annoyed with myself for missing all the great prompts. I always feel like I learn a lot through NaPoWriMo as I get to test my writing style and push my writing in different directions using different techniques, and I always find a fun form that I can return to outside of NaPo. On the other hand most of the poems I write during NaPo just become fodder for the blog machine that eats my not as good as it could be poetry. Not sad about that part.

It’s hard lately because I look at what I write and it doesn’t seem to be saying the things I want it to. I went through a stage where I looked at it and the words were translucent, they let in the gaze and the meaning was there. At the moment, they look really murky and sludgy and there’s no clarity of vision. It’s frustrating. But I think I will try and force my writing, a bit every day, just to try. Here’s a bit of forced writing in response to this Frida Kahlo painting, which is our image for Stirred: Frida:


The poppy bright fushia lit sheen of my subconscious

which crawls like a skeleton on the ground of my heart

It crawls like my heart in the cage of a skeleton

Frida and pain: Why write?

Anna Percy wears Frida Kahlo 



2 thoughts on “NaPo: No! (Frida Kahlo: yes)

  1. Becca, It’s the ‘trying’ bit about your relationship with your poetry that will move you forward. The fact that every day you address the nature and quality of your poetry and your work with words. The vision and/or clarity will come; and, oft times, we need to move through sludge for a while to get to the gold. Nicky 🙂

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