Artipeeps: Transformation

Hey all,

You may have happened upon some of my and others Ovid response poems that are floating around the internet, they are all pulled together and inspired by Nicky Mortlock’s website Artipeeps. I’ve been really happily involved with responding to art works through Artipeeps as well as Ovid, and also took part in the Recovery project which I’m really proud of.

Today is the launch of the kickstarter to fund the exhibition which will be put on in September of this year. It’s really exciting to be involved in a multi-media, collaborative project like this and I’m looking forward to being part of the exhibition. I’ve offered to create a small prize myself if you are so lovely as to donate some money to the project for us, you can see Nicky speaking further about it if you click on the image:


If you are inspired by this project and feel intrigued by the prizes then do click through here and above to donate to our cause!
If you are feminist inclined and want to encourage men and women to produce feminist art, I would also recommend you spend some pennies here at Patreon, you can give as little as $2 and it’s a great way to invest in the arts and see what happens next. This fundraising site also doesn’t take any money off you until we publish an issue, so you are investing in the future rather than the present!
There is a week left to support Media Diversified, a really worthwhile project also, aiming to promote Writers of Colour in the UK Media.



One thought on “Artipeeps: Transformation

  1. Dear Becca,

    Your contribution to ArtiPeeps in both the Recovery Project and Transformations has been considerable and so valued. The fact you were the first Transformer to finish poetry for all 15 books was amazing, and I’m glad to ‘know’ you. It will be exciting to see where this next phase of Transformations will take us.

    Warm wishes,


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