WWEOT: Prose Poem

Hey all,

So I’ve been researching the Women who eat on Tubes phenomenon, what’s that all about? London Tubes, facebook group of 23, 294 members as of today, all admiring stealth photos taken of women eating on tubes. The guy who came up with this idea says its because he noticed more women than men were eating on the tube. Huge backlash, but the group is still in existence and opinion articles are battling it out.

I’d just like to share a prose poem I wrote in reaction to this, also I’ve been reading up on the defence of the group, (I’m afraid that included an awful Daily Mail article, where he basically said shut up to all people who have a problem with the WWEOT group, not great). So this has been written from different reactions to the group. Some of it is taken from comments on facebook pages, some of it from news articles. I assure you I am reliable. Enjoy your meal.



What are you talking about, the sandwich isn’t that big? well if that’s how you’re being-
Obviously you misjudged the time and the place for this snack.
Make it stop? Well the tube does stop anyway so-it’ll be over by then but not
Ended, moments have a way of stretching out, the internet has many eyes and they’re not all
Nice some of them are going to judge you.

What’s with the feminist reaction anyway? They’re basically trolls it’s just
Harmless fun, like studying animals in a zoo,
Or a bird in a cage, look at them peck and chew like large mice.

Enough of that, keep your jokes non-obscene, keep it PC
All these misreactions, I didn’t mean,
That it’s only women is weird? But that’s why it’s funny, because women should

Only eat at lunchtime, or home not on public transport
Neither should men really, it’s a dirty habit, intrusive to eat in public.

That’s not what we’re saying, it’s just funny, an honest moment in our lives of
Untruths, women especially they fake it all over the place, look at them, falling off the pedestal
Banal really isn’t it, bananas and McDonalds, no oral fixation.
Even if we are still taking the pictures we’re not calling the

News Articles

Campaigners hold Eating Protest against Women who eat on tubes facebook group

Why Shaving and Snacking are Feminist Issues 

Founder of Women Who eat on Tubes 




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