NaPo’14: Day 2

What has happened. It’s the third day and I missed out day two. Here it is, partly influenced by my re-reading Selima Hill’s Portrait of my Lover as a Horse. 

Creatures from Japanese Legend (as known through Wikipedia)


You are a famous monster

Living at the bottom of a pond

Like a frog’s sister, or the nephew of a

Wave long crashed. Some days we find you

Gnawing at cucumbers.



People say that you are aimless

As if to prove them right you head

To the desert and there crash between cacti

The lizards silently watch you flame.



I bet you never believed in ghosts before

And once stroked your reflection as all humans do



Role Attribution:

– A female ghost who lurks in an abandoned imperial palace.

– A famous water monster with a water-filled head and a love of cucumbers.

– A creature that flies aimlessly engulfed in flames.


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