NaPo ’14: Mslexia

Happy first day of NaPoWriMo ’14.

Really liked NaPo’s prompt but could write nothing with any of the quotes that were given me. The prompt was to use Bibliomancy, a lottery style roll round in the libraries of the world. I just kept spinning it and couldn’t stop. Here’s one of them:

first roll


So I skipped to Mslexia’s writing prompt. First found five titles I liked from the Contents of Black Cat Bone, John Burnside:

  1. Weather Report
  2. On the fairytale ending
  3. Notes toward an ending
  4. Death room blues
  5. A game of marbles

Changed one word in each:

  1. Weather Vane
  2. On the fairytale beginning
  3. Words toward an ending
  4. Summer room blues
  5. A race of marbles

Selected two to mutate into my own versions:

  1.  On the garden’s ending
  2. Summer room bed

and wrote a tiny poem called:

Summer Room Bed


At the beginning of summer we kissed faces

It felt as strange as that, like jumping

Into cold water, as immersive, as summer is.


The ice cream van pulled up outside the park

Someone rolled their car window down

Standing under the blossoming tree, we look.


Windows are bees harvesting light

Each room a honey cell and the bed

crawls into dusk.



7 thoughts on “NaPo ’14: Mslexia

  1. Reblogged this on a slice of imagination and commented:
    Lovely poem from Becca Audra for #NaP{oWriMo14

    I’ve decided to try the challenge myself, although I’m being selfish with my poems and hoarding them all in my notebook in case I want to publish any of them later!

    • You really think? That’s very encouraging as I wasn’t too impressed with it myself! I look at it with more contentness now thank you 🙂

  2. Gorgeous poem! I kept spinning the oracle too and eventually had to stop and write about the first one. May try the Mslexia prompt. Still haven’t posted any of mine yet. Tonight I WILL catch up and blog them although they’re all a bit ropey so far. 🙂

    • It was way too easy to keep spinning wasn’t it! Ropey words of Sarah Miller are the sexy dishevelled kind with good bed hair. Thanks for the poem compliment, always welcome :).

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