Response to Britannia an Art Installation in Manchester City Gallery by Joanna Vasconcelos.

Sarah Miller’s beautiful poem from the Steaming: Ahead Workshop at Manchester Art Gallery

sarah miller

In response to Britannia, an art installation in Manchester City Gallery by Joana Vasconcelos as part of her exhibition ‘Time Machine’ .

(Manchester City Art Gallery 15th March 2014)


Monsters and fantasies
Wild beasts and carnivals
All breasts and ovaries
Teeming into life

Fur and feathers
Flowers and pom-poms
Trim polite drawing rooms
with their enlarged vulvas out

Tasselled and stretched
into saggy boobed strippers
Twisting and cha-cha-ing
Roots writhing about

Evolution run riot
in the petri dish of art
Makes a northern rainforest
or a Manchester tart

Escaping old cotton
Layers cutting deep
to embrace hedonism
In search of its own
glittery bass beat.

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