Week 11: Bookcase

Prompt 52: 11

The prompt for Week 11 is to write a poem in praise of something. I decided to try and write about my bookcase. I’m a week behind so here goes catching up:

when will I ever sort it out

when will I ever sort it out


In praise of my bookcase


It staggers like a drunk

In the surf, odd piles retreat

Then build again.

I do not predict or calculate its tide

Although I am the goddess of its hunger

Feeding it paper, words, now its mouth

Is full, from stomach to tongue

It tastes the written lies, gullet stuffed

A thrice roasted bird, a nine bird meal

A fiction diet with smatterings of crime

From the below deck shelves

that vanish behind a chair


If I could only sort you out

Once and for all

Pare you back till you are

A fine set of American teeth

All gleaming straight

Not slipping from the gums

I need a dentist with a set of drills

My badger mind digs itself in

Behind the twice stacked shelves

It finds the old ones, the broken bodies

Here I am, I sit down to chew and pulp.



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