Full Steam Ahead: Workshop

                  Ekphrastic writings:                 Joana Vasconcelos 

The Full Steam Ahead workshop took place today at Manchester Art Gallery in response to Joana Vasconcelos-Time Machine. Myself and Sarah Logan are interested in her exploration of the feminine and masculine in her work and use of traditional female occupations in a high art context. Quote from an interview with the artist:

The sexual revolution was not that long ago, and it takes much longer for cultures and mentalities to evolve. The piece of advice I would give comes from a political rallying cry that was popularized during Mozambique’s war for independence and has become a cry for democracy in general: ‘A luta continua’ (the fight is still on)! 

Full Steam Ahead is the name of one of her artworks and I took it as a continuation of the need to keep going, keep writing in our case and talking about these issues. Here is the workshop plan with the prompts and works responded to: JV Workshop. We focused on the works that are free and permeate the art gallery, gave us a chance to reflect on the relationships between the different works also which was really good.


Britannia Writings

Here’s a short group response piece to Big Booby #2!

Big Booby #2

Big Booby #2

Bouncing off the wall like a shout;

I wish I had been so beautiful and round and full at 15 in the showers after P.E.

Page 3 tears through me like a hook.

Suddenly needing to strap my chest down. That’s new.

If only I could cover up all staring eyes,

smother and suffocate the randy boys.

The idea is like a hook in me. I lure them out with the promise of my flesh,

and when they lean in to steal a kiss, I push them down and drown them

in my pinkly burning brimming bosom.

It is a fake breast, like my mothers,

The illusion of something soft and inviting

disguising sharp hooks.

You are enormous. That or I am small again.

You hang there, waiting for your turn to speak. We are listening.

A fabricated lie

A promised cushion off glittering hooks

Breasts as armour, willing to sever it to strengthen our aim.


Thanks to the nine participants who wrote these lines and were so generous in taking part, really enjoyed writing with everyone today and felt we all explored new territory in our writing and got to hear fresh perspectives on the works. I hope everyone goes back to see more of Time Machine, on till 1st June.

This workshop was run as part of QuimPerfect Tense.


3 thoughts on “Full Steam Ahead: Workshop

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  2. Thanks Becca for inviting me to see the result of the workshop. Have read it several times to Jam.There’s something about having multiple authors that both broadens and fragments the context which makes for very interesting and slightly disturbing reading. My favourite line was the opening ‘ bouncing off the wall like a shout’ which captured the image for me.

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