Loose Muse and London

Loose Muse Guest Slot

Loose Muse Guest Slot

Was very exciting to read at Loose Muse in London! I made chapbooks for the occasion, two mini-collections of twenty poems each. I’m selling them for three pounds (plus postage) and you can buy them here! It is a nice way of seeing how my work has progressed over the two years of the Masters. They are quite different, the Philomela work is more darkly humorous and playful with form, the Wives & Mistresses are more about finding the right subject matter to practice my voice on, more soulful, poignant with a kick. I would say anyway!

London was beautiful, we stayed in a hotel near Hyde Park:

from Queens Park Hotel

from Queens Park Hotel

The street was full of hotels and hostels. Kings Way Hotel, Troy, Byron. It was but a saunter away from Winter Wonderland. Or so we thought, the supposed twenty minute walk felt like miles, and it got dark. We had to find it the next day.

The event itself was amazing, really great to feel so supported. The other guest was Claire F. Dunn, a prose writer of historical fiction. Sara bought me two of her books as a Christmas present, signed and all! I found it funny that all the questions the audience asked me were based on themes and inspiration, whereas the questions Claire was asked were more about method, as in, tell us how you write so many words! It is impressive; she spoke about her dyslexia and how a whole day’s writing doesn’t equate to the same amount for her as others. I really admired her commitment, there was general amazement at her writing periods which can last up to twelve hours!

This is a bit of a summary post. I wanted to go into making the chapbooks, which was a process…and also some of the exhibitions we saw in London, they were really intriguing. I’m feeling excited about London this year. I’ll have to send some posts out over January. New Year’s resolutions can wait behind the avalanche of art and poem fragments I’ve collected. To finish, here are two small poems which I read at Loose Muse:


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