Hello all!

Merry Crimbo Eve, I am sitting in the Black Book Café in Stroud; it is perched before town begins which means you are practically at the top of a hill. I can see Stroud valleys in the distance and the sky has cleared to light blue.

'A day without laughter is a day wasted'

‘A day without laughter is a day wasted’

I’m on my new laptop and attempting to download a photo to this wordpress app, something about it isn’t quite working for some reason…anyhow. Have you seen the new facebook summary of your life? 2013 summarised on facebook. It shows photos that have been liked a lot, or statuses that have a lot of comments.  I feel quite judged by facebook. I can’t get the app of it to work which is probably a good thing as it takes over my life enough anyway.

I am working on finishing the Ovid transformations poems. There are only four books left! Magic, today I’m rewriting the story of Caenis. Caenis was raped and asked of the god of the ocean, change me to a man so I do not suffer this pain again. So she became Caeneus, who was granted the additional bonus of never suffering any type of pain, the perfect warrior who cannot be wounded. I’m trying to write it clearly enough so that this makes sense. It’s always hard to decide with Ovid how much to modernise, I really admire the other poets of the project who more thoroughly modernise it. James Knight places Orpheus and Eurydice in a car, for example.

Mince pies are 75p in the Black Book Café. Little bit cheaper than Northern Quarter ones. I’m going to test post this now and see if the photos have worked!*

*(It didn’t! I’ve lost one of them now, somehow…)



2 thoughts on “Eve

  1. Becca,

    Really great to hear how your getting on with the last 4 books. And you’re right how all the poets are handling the modernising of Metamorphoses is fabulous. Good luck with new computer too! Glad you’ve got it though. Have a good Xmas break. Nicky

    • Thanks hun! Sent you an email today with all the poems that are left…I think!? I just realised I forgot Book 12! I’ll get that to you lol. x

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