How to demolish…





Ola. Here be some cut up poems from yesterday’s extravaganza organised by Sarah L. Dixon. My poem in a cup was Clare Shaw‘s poem How to demolish a house. This is weirdly appropriate for me as I have a billion poems beginning with How to….fly, how to…crash….the instruction poem, best advice you’ll ever get.

Lately I’ve decided I like my poems in smaller sizes. I write long, then I cut till it’s small. So to reflect that I made three small boxes of poems out of Shaw’s longer piece. Actually I made four, but the fourth was made of what was left over so. I quite like this one:



Another workshop exercise was to write a five by five poem, five lines five syllables. Mine was somewhat inspired by having just listened to Rosie Garland reading from Everything Must Go*. Lines from A Donor’s Card:

‘…Open me up.

Reveal my inner workings, the plot twist no one was expecting.

Let the harvesting commence.’

Here’s my poem, 5X5:


Crack open the street.

Intestine pipes crawl

with water and slime.

They shout of our veins.

They sing of our doubts.



*(NOOOOO, I just in pulling Everything Must Go from the bookshelf knocked off a plastic cup full of pencils and rubber bands, that is really annoying. When I tried to shove everything back in I dropped it again, it’s staying there now).

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