Station: Story

I saw this couple at Man Pic  station (platform number eight) and they were both wearing this green coat so I wrote this:

They’ve been together five years and this year they bought the same coat. She has detached the fake fur lined hood of hers, whereas his remains, lolling sleepily. When they first met she had been slightly taller. She still was, but sometimes they stood and he said, ‘I think you have shrunk’…

and she would say, ‘You do seem taller!’ After five years your sight and height begin adapting.

* * *

Thought I’d share. I was really happy to take part in the Loose Muse anthology launch last night, Great atmosphere and really interesting space created by the poets participating. It was great to see my Marie-Thérèse poems included, she is kind of my favourite of the Picasso muses. Extract from free verse ramblings:

But your mind held empty rooms where no one lived but love

Love wore your clothes and you lay, naked

On a table top, on chairs; while the world lives outside.

* * *

I am so relieved my deadline is coming up next Tuesday and I will no longer have to assess poems I write on their portfolio credibility. Whatever that is?

I’m excited by the Cornerhouse Double Indemnity exhibition. It explores femininity, power structures, death, betrayal, it’s like an Ovid myth unpacked. Here I am engaging with one of my favourite pieces, you can just see my hand holding the phone up and a head blob:

Mutual Gaze, 2013, Anicka Yi

Mutual Gaze, 2013, Anicka Yi


It’s on till January and I’m thinking of doing a workshop using the film noir themes of the exhibition. After the deadlines!




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