Poem: Lost and Found

Lost and Found Workshop

Dredging through the rainy city towards Kim by the Sea, sudden burst of sunshine as soon as I’m inside! The lost and found workshop was under way. First exercise was to create a found poem from a newspaper/magazine article. I had a Marie Claire article about how dating younger men had made life ‘fun’. To paraphrase.

I took all the words that were associated with ‘the battle of the sexes’ and deleted the rest:


Torso   soliders

Believe vexed insomnia

Dredge the depths

Limited and squirming

Grasp crumbled

Unstinting                  bruised

(Nothing with a chromosome

A policy decision

Several theories

Earned more

Date on a birth certificate)

Immediate future

Slightly uneasy


There’s no going completely back.


I’ve a few other pieces that are a bit more shaped which I’ll try and bash together for Stirred tomorrow!


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