Poem: The CopperWing

Stirred: Lost Things coming up on Monday 16th. On Sunday 15th there will be a Lost and Found workshop at Kim by the Sea run by Anna Percy for a pound. 5.30-7.00.

Here’s a short piece written on the train thinking about what has been lost….


How the gliding motion keeps us going

Trembling, laxing, continuous,

Time that keeps the river flowing

What lurks dive-deep in murky waters

See your youth in the shape of a child

grappling with waves

hunting for a glinting penny you have thrown

into salt water

with that coin goes your luck, salty chuck

far away the women brush their hair

and cast the stray strands into the fire

to crackle and burn

We go to museums to see the debris

of the past, and you and I were bitter once

but now we are sweet. A lemon dipped in honey

from a thousand swarming bees

We list each specimen, we pin down butterflies

We try to reinstate the Copperwing

long extinct in Britain.



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