Sep 1st: Deadline and flowers


Tuesday 24th September 2013

I have 24 days to finish up the masters in creative writing that has formed my personality for the last two years. My head feels like it is full of spinning plates.

Went to CAKE short and sweet at Forming Words exhibition. You can find the prompts and full workshop here. I wrote some words:


Jasmine is blossoming on the walls

blooming white and yellow

making light of the air.

In our heads we are different people.


A mother walks towards you, lets go

of the pram’s handle and says

here, take who I am,

she begins to unzip her jeans

and wipe the make up from her face

she clamps her wrists to yours

her clothing snakes from her


the pram is heavy with shopping

and baby who chuckles into your face

as you watch the stripped woman walk away.



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