Mayfield Depot


During Manchester International Festival I went to a couple of events down at the Mayfield Depot. In an old abandoned space it felt industrial and lonely and beautiful. One evening I went to see the Tino Sehgal this variation which was immense, and then on the way out we sat and listened to some art talk. I can’t find the performer’s name but he was speaking to one of the directors about a dance project he was working on with Tino. I wrote down some notes from what he was saying and now I’ve typed them up, and I’ve written under them a type of poetic response….just for fun really but also because I was curious about what he was saying and it felt like a relaxed way of exploring it…some of the quotes are from his own poetic writings which he was reading to us, he’d been writing them while learning the dance. I’ve tried to keep it experimental and slightly senseless.

‘The theatre is a good place to do nothing.’

people will briefly flower and wilt and die and be trampled and I will sit and sigh and clap.

‘The bliss of the transformation of codes.’

alien to myself my skin is the strange oily texture you get from being in the shadows watching a brightly lit space that revolves. there’s a spaceship its all green and gorgeous you kiss the grass and it kisses you back.

‘The moment when you choose one discourse.’

when you said you loved me did we realise we’d chosen one discourse over another and that actually those three words came with their own history independent of us and our personal emotion? perhaps we should lock them away with the wedding rings and documents and choose another.

‘The works gaze at the world.’

the world gazes back shocked at it’s own reflection as the years have gone by it has been getting blinder and blinder and you lift light like a mirror with a word or two that acts like a heavyweight champion singing a tune.

‘The pleasure of the text.’

you roll in it a pig in muck / lovers in a haystack and children in autumn leaves and hands in sand/hands in dough/floury fingertips

The eternal and the imminent.’

how the now jostles with forever and tries its clothes on and tries to bargain a lower price for the item in question what a pretty pretty look it has it rubs off gold which doesn’t die a solid forever that’s why we collect it gather it like diamonds they keep safe the now you can lock it up sometimes you just have to practice.

‘Body as apparatus.’

the arms are tools with which to reach the legs are tools with which to travel the stomach a tool with which to digest the mouth a tool for feeding and then there are the other things we do with it

‘Modern function of the museum, individual freedom.’

if you don’t like it you can walk away is it boring is it good looking does it hold your attention does it make you feel anything at all

‘The theatre is an important place for anxiety in contemporary society.’

take your clothes off so we can watch you dance naked in the way people do in dreams and there will be the slow tumult of our applause to reassure you this was the right choice and you will perform perfectly each movement

‘Individuals who give their rights over to their peopleness.’

walking in crowds is nice because you know you are all going somewhere together and you can breath a much breathed air which reminds you that you share life with others and that space is something you are lucky to have when you can get it.



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