Portfolio times

I just printed off my first draft of the poetry portfolio for the end of my Masters in creative writing. Gah.

Paranoia is happening. My first title is: Plug me in. Is this a bad choice, possibly.

Portfolio title?

Portfolio title?

I have actually taken out the poem that the title refers to, which I now realise I’m going to have to put it back in. To be honest, I was partly thinking of Sarah Maple’s piece:


Sarah Maple, Plug it in, baby.

Sarah Maple, Plug it in, baby.

This painting really pulls me in different ways, It’s intriguing, the globe waiting to be activated, the woman like a Miss World posing for the swimsuit competition.

I’ve found ordering it hard, I have part one and part two but they are very uneven. Do I have enough time to write enough?

I also have said I’ll write a follow up to Kate Middleton’s wedding poem, Kate Middleton’s baby poem. But I am a little bit dreading writing it. Feeling the pressure. I’m collecting quotes for it and reading too many articles about the changing of the first nappy etc but we will see what gets into the final piece. I started writing it on my head but didn’t bother to put it down which is bad because now I’ve lost it. I might just have to sit down and force it.

Blerg, just thought of how writing a poem uses the giving birth metaphor sometimes and gross. Your poems are your children etc.

Popular poetic advice:

Kill your darlings.





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