Selima Hill pastiche

Looking into Selima Hill‘s poetry today, have ordered a copy of her Portrait of My Lover as a Horse. The other portraits she does of the lover include: lover as a bar of soap, a distant mountain, a cushion and a dead fish. That’s a tasty one. Portrait of My Lover as a Spoon is online at the poetry archive here.

As a workshop exercise we tried to write a self portrait of self as a stone, and here is my attempt:

Portrait of self as a stone


There’s a strand of white which weighs down

the rock. I am not a mantle place proud

fireplace decoration window sill piece,

but the kind my grandmother might pick up

from a littered beach as the seagulls caw

their warnings of strange winds that visit me

in the middle of the night

thoughts of stone that I carry around and

shift from hand to hand like Sisyphus

pushing a set of boulders before him

hoping for  rest but no, always I must gather up

a twin set and bustle them behind me

like a child pulling a fire engine

on a piece of string.



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