Thimble and Troll

Thoughts on the Lost and Found Exhibition:

Richard Wentworth quotation:

‘Artworks as destinations, drawing on the collective energy of a journey.’

I liked the box of thimbles, I’ve always liked the idea of thimbles but have never used them in a practical sense. Define:

A metal or plastic cap with a closed end, worn to protect the finger and push the needle in sewing.

I do not really sew, but I find thimbles cute. I used to collect buttons also, not that I can sew one on. I tried but it fell off and my little sister Poppy sewed it on again better.


fumbling fingers flounder

pick and pluck and plow

tumble by hook or by crook

words bumble and mumble

they fall and are numbered

I buck up and sand down the blunders

I gloss over the why and the how.


I really liked the exhibition; people were invited to bring their own objects and give them over to Richard Wentworth who designed an exhibition of them in one night. All over the galleries of the Whitworth, pockets created in corners, or on small tables, displayed the objects that were grouped differently. One corner was given over to travel, old bus tickets, train tickets. I liked the display tables of dolls, there was a small troll that I especially liked with huge blue hair. Coming across the contributed objects among the artworks was like hunting for Easter Eggs in a garden, that moment of discovery and the expectation that you weren’t sure where it would be or what colour.

Troll friend

Troll friend



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