NaPoWriMo: Day 27

Swinging back to the NaPo prompts to finish this beast off. I like how day 27’s prompt fits with my Day 2 poem which was a poem bringing proverbs to physical life. So I’m using the first phrase from that piece to start me off today:

Takes one bad apple to rot a barrel

sailors pluck their single fruit

emitting gases and odours that pulse sweet and salt

Long John Silver smokes a plan in a low keyed voice

a boy sits in an empty apple barrel and devours the plot

the rotten apple ruins its neighbours

and we’ve all had those arguments over an imagined picket fence

one mouse dropping ruins the whole pot of rice

but you are not likely to know until you’ve cooked it

one person’s actions can have a negative consequence on those around them

Long John Silver lost an eye once, the other eye has not felt the same since

stick an avocado in a paper bag with an apple over night, see if they make friends.



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