NaPoWriMo: Day 25

Working on finding poetry in places other than my brain…

ie article about digital vs analogue or the death of the C.D. I didn’t read it too closely I was too much like NaPo obsessed.

A Toast, to the CD

A Toast, to the CD

we circle ourselves, cut corners

wasting refuge, barbed wire and gardens

gold pore in the soil, digging deep

finer physical flesh and stone

rough and rampant generation

quick peril that was chunky, malleable

if it’s apocalyptic, it smells ominous and dank

space shuttled, hurtled

as the gilded land unraveled.






10 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo: Day 25

  1. I do like found poetry: what was the process with this, to get from the article to the poem?

    ‘the guilded land unravelled’ is such a splendid line – it’s great how this kind of exercise can bring about surprising, unusual imagery 🙂

    • ‘Lo, I find found poetry hard! so I’ve kind of relaxed how I’m doing it. You can construct it straight from the article without adding any extra words, but I’ve been selecting words I like from the article, trying to get a progression in feeling, and then typing them up, then reading it over and adding to it to make sentences. Ppl do it differently, you should write one!

  2. I do the same to magazine articles I find on the train, except I’ve only ever ‘edited’ them for my own amusement… removing words to end up with something that typically ridicules the original text. My favourite is the Fi Glover column in the Waitrose Weekend magazine because I am fairly certain she has never said a single thing of importance or wit yet.
    May have to try the poem approach. Nice one. 🙂

  3. Lovely job! So colourful! I love working with found poetry. I’ve used $.75 books from the thrift store and an issue of National Geographic, recently.

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