NaPoWriMo: Day 20

Self portrait with portrait

Self portrait with portrait

The Frida Kahlo portrait I’ve chosen today, she looks wan and exhausted  The man in the portrait is her Doctor, and she is painting with her heart for a palette. It’s a reflection on the physical pain she went through, the process of healing through art.

With NaPo dragging on it suggests the importance of art, which is good to remember, when you write every day words start to feel cheap. Looking at this painting reminds me why art is important to me.



if you live in a room

cleaning it of detail with your eyes

you would wield the brush

Flicking white and cream, greying the shadows


she poured the room through pain

the meticulous rendering of floorboards

the spokes of a wheelchair’s wheel


she is voluptuous, the wheel’s gory mechanics

the only clue to what stillness she possessed


in her hand the brushes are stacked

like firewood, a hefty handful

that drip with healthy red


a static slice of heart, if only pain was so

malleable, learning paint, the way it congeals.



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