NaPoWriMo: Day 19

Jo Bell’s prompt led me to this poem, which led to this poem:


the sound water makes lapping the sides of a barge;

the stink of a stolen perfume called Lola;

the daily flick of a newspaper between the hands, the slap of headlines;

running a finger over a broken keyed piano;

the grit that you clean from a oyster shell before you swallow. 


I have to mention Cathy Byrant has done an ekphrasis response poem to a photo of Frida Kahlo today which is amazing, check it out here 

Short ekphrasis of my own, I think I’ve overwritten myself and gotten strange. Art chosen by Charmain Leung:



dribble, rake drape and dash

it might be hidden it might escape

the break and tumult the flee and fall

you are right the song was made for you


I listed each attribute, I remixed you with 

me, I memorised your face.


curdle cuddle safe and slash

you are wrong I was thinking of someone else

and you got confused with that person

so actually I wrote a version that 

makes you and them merge

not two headed but overlapped


seek and find and drip and splash. 











7 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo: Day 19

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