NaPoWriMo: Day 17


Day 17. I’ve just got in from Loose Muse, which was exceedingly ace. And I didn’t do my daily poem! I am doing it now. It’s a bit of a ramble but nevermind.

Prompts I’ve used today, actually I’ve stolen some words from poems in the Loose Muse anthology and also for the ekphrasis part used the photography of Thomas Hoepker:

Marine recruits

Marine recruits


the bowl tipped and fell, making pretty

of the air that coated it. With a smash

it made pretty the pieces that it was;

before it fell the pieces were hidden

inside it’s whole self. Then it became the pieces.


the man’s lips almost kissed the man’s head

in front of him, they stood close enough

to smell the sweat, that particular odour

personal, if he had let his tongue portrude

he would have licked the man’s skull, the shiny skin.


there is a grace to loading a gun, to taking an insult

to mopping a floor, you learn it by the way you can count

the blisters on your hardened palms, there is a craft

to making a bed, to letting the callous skin talk for you


shake my hand, my fingers take hold

of your smooth talking tongue and pull it

from your mouth.








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