NaPo: new week: Day 15

It’s mid-way point. It’s also a new week, which means a new theme. Theme is ekphrasis, writing in response to art.

I’ve chosen a Frida Kahlo self portrait, we have a calendar of her self portraits on our wall at the minute so I’ve been meaning to engage with one of them…

Self portrait 1940

Frida Kahlo, Self portrait 1940

Pantun is a poem of alternating rhyming couplets apparently each line between 8-12 syllables. The quartet couplets are not to be related by subject but by imaginative leap.

I’m interested in the earrings of the self portrait, the explanation goes:

The earrings she is wearing were a gift from Pablo Picasso whom she met while in Paris. The hand on the banderole as well as on the earrings, makes reference at what is called in Mexico “milagros”. Milagros are pieces made of wax or ivory shaped in the form of the part of the human body that the person wants to be healed, and left on the altar of the Saint they pray to.

my hands dangle, they are weighty

dragging, five fingered, at my earlobes

the pansies nod, this spring is late

and to grow is a weary road.


fingertips brush my neck

the place where a pulse splutters

the thistles are claiming, unchecked

ground heaves with thorny mutters.


If I give a gift life might lighten

the pain might fade and die

if spring would come the day would brighten

the flowers would easily thrive.


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2 thoughts on “NaPo: new week: Day 15

  1. Thanks for the pingback. I am more of a story-tell than a poet. Still, the NaPoWriMo challenge helps me think about ways to paint my prose.

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