NaPoWriMo: Day Ten

Napoing, napoing, ping pong ping pong. Leanne Bridgewater moment.

So, I’m inspired by Anna P’s prose poem using the Jo Bell prompt number five to:

Write about a great historic moment and how it affected – or didn’t affect – your life. Diana’s death in Paris – 9/11 – the assassination of a political leader. Resist the urge for great philosophical pronouncements. Just tell it like it was.

Anna P wrote about Diana’s death, and I pretty much loved the comedy and avoidance of it. So here is my take.


My grandfather collected you,

stamps, and you, I remember

photographs, you are slim and look

like you could play golf.


when you die I cry, collective tears

when he dies I don’t, ten years old.

You didn’t outlive him for long.


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