NaPoWriMo: Day Nine

Day nine yet it feels like it’s been going on forever.  Had to pick up on the two-timing blonde and go with that.

Noir for the Ninth


In the bar they call me Pina

cause I’m cool as frosted glass and blonde

like spirits and lemon…


two gins later, I’m as tall as a high rise,

I throw a glass to watch it smash.

I found the truth in the sewer,


it smelt like a rat, it scurried

like a rat, I yelled, rat, rat and

the tunnel echoed with my two timing tongue.


Nothings better than leaving one bed

to go to another. He’s made me dinner,

lit candles, we fuck to Beethoven;


he uses the wrong name, the one I gave him,

I chose it from the list of dead girls

that the detectives haven’t found yet.






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