NaPoWriMo: Day 6

I need to NaPo this morning else I will not have time to NaPo today, so I thought I’d return to the sea shanty prompt and see what I could get from it.

Because I’m a magpie writer I’ve stolen phrases from a website of sea shanties. I’ve linked each shanty to the phrase so you can see where I got it from if you are so inclined.

No Tales 


Dead men tell no tales, but their wives do

They chatter in shops, in homes, in streets

They know the ocean is broad, and long and deep

In it’s huge clasp their husbands sleep


Oh my old mother she wrote to me

My darling son come home from sea 


they cluck and cluster and moan and mourn

the weathercock crows on the roofs at morn

pointing the wind up, north east, north west

I lock my heart into a chest


Cape Cod cats ain’t got no tails

They lost them all in the northeast gale 


stow away your secrets, your truths and lies

stow it where the anchor strives

so it’ll go down and take your heart

where the seaweed flows and the fishes dart


We’ll drop him down to the depths of the sea

We’ll drop him down to the bottom of the sea


And if you tell tales, tell them to the wives

they’ll knead them, wash them and hang them to dry

you’ll watch your dirty laundry wave itself clean

Like a flag on a ship that’s never been seen.


P.S More prompts here.


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