Catching Up on NaPo

Here’s a poem to try and catch up on my lost Day Three. Using the prompt from Day five, ie, today’s prompt from Litnivorous:

Write a Bop. The refrain is from a song, and the song I’ve chosen is Laura by Bats for Lashes.




you wake up the sky is performing a strip tease

the wind is Marilyn Monroe-ing women on the street

you have an email from Men against Prostitution and Trafficking

you think about watching the scales small finger bounce

as you step onto it’s white balance, you are not where

you thought you were or wanted to be


you are more than a superstar


you are not a girl-next-door or a page three

you don’t diet often enough to qualify…

you kick at the water, you watch beauty queens

hairdressers, Towie, crime makes superstars

for you to read up on, wincing at the news

the trials not over yet they’ve started on the film

you mime your thoughts to the mirror like it’s a microphone

you edit your opinions for your public appearance


you are more than a superstar


you are your own brand of person that you package

and sell, you are a ‘normal’ and therefore a target audience

you are passive and reactive and you retweet things you like

there’s a new scale of class and you calculate where you fit

of course you’re a precariat the poorest and the most

you are skint, you are broke, you fix yourself with loans


you are more than a superstar.


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