NaPoWriMo: Day Number Next

I’m behind already! Gah. I’ve been spending too much time on trains reading Lord of the Rings and not thinking about poetry.

So, prompts. Prompts prompts prompts. The things from which you write. I’m following Jo Bell’s prompts, @Jo_Bell on twitter:

 prompt 2 “January freesia, hot coffee”. What small, physical things delight you? Write. See where it goes 

Or there’s NaPoWriMo website, blog gathering machine that it is. Today’s prompt: Your challenge for today is to write a poem with a title drawn from one of Iain M Bank’s spaceship names.

Really sad to hear of Iain Bank’s cancer diagnosis. There’s a link in this article that says you can follow his progress via a website.

There’s also this strange thing Sarah Miller and Jo Bell have used, an online machine that transforms the nouns of any writing you put into it. Odddd. Obviously I ran all my poetry through it immediately, and submitted them again to every poetry magazine I read. Well, no, I didn’t. I will though.

I’m now researching NaPoWriMo prompts rather than choosing one to write from…

I’ve combined small physical things that are delightful with an Iain Bank’s chapter title from The Wasp Factory, his first novel.

The Bomb Circle


The queen is doozed and floppy

her skin-cells, honeycombs

frail hexagons.


radiant, the sun bombs

each flower, bees bombard

braggart and bolshy


I squeeze out honey

it strings, sticky lines, drool

into the bowl, I heat a spoon.


how many bodies went

from flower to flower.


p.s here’s another prompt filled site


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