I realised I haven’t really concluded on the Vagina Monologue performances, having posted about the rehearsals!


Rehearsal 1

Rehearsal 2

And now it’s over! Or is it…there is a third performance planned for all of you who missed it this time round. But I’m not going to be able to take part in that one as I’m stressing over my poetry portfolio for my MA, and feel I should be doing more of that writing, rather than trying to remember the order of my lines in My Short Skirt. Which was my favourite piece. Freaking out backstage:

My face pre-performance!

My face pre-performance!

Top five moments:

A group of girls cheered at the line: ‘I declare these streets, any streets, my vagina’s country!’

Deciding with Kathy on the tagline, the world is a penis monologue! Also known as, men and their flutes of love, thank you Richard Herring your articles do make me laugh (Talking Cock).

Feeling inspired to join in with the women rise up at the end, where we all stepped forward and said why we were taking part.

Singing ‘I am woman’, not believing it but yes, it actually happened, and we swayed, and held hands, aw.

Making brownies!!

Making brownies!!

Mainly just the feeling of being part of a wider movement, and feeling at ease with performing the pieces I was in was really good also. The performances raised over a thousand pounds for One Billion Women rise up, so that’s amazing!

I guess I’ll end with my answer to this question:

What were your feelings about having to reveal everything on stage?
At times I’ve felt embarrassed and shamed by the words I’m reading, then scared but exhilarated that I’m allowing myself to read them. I too feel ‘out of my depth’ when reading the monologues, but I do not want those feelings to dictate my behaviour. More important than my embarrassment, I remember my friend telling me she had been raped. If she can talk to me about that, then the least I can do is get on stage and be a vagina!









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