Picasso poems

Picasso Nudes

Picasso Nudes

I’ve been sketching bits of Picasso, the top left is Large Nude in a Red Armchair, the face piece is a close up from Weeping Woman, and Marie-Therese in the bottom is from Nude, Green leaves and Bust.

Discarded poetry extracts with bio’s, bio’s found from this site.

Marie-Thérèse Walter
Picasso met the blonde 17 year-old outside the Galeries Lafayette department store in Paris in 1927, but kept their affair secret for eight years. She gave him a daughter, Maia, in 1935, at about the time she was supplanted in Picasso’s affections by Dora Maar. She hanged herself in 1977.


Sex that lifted the roof

tore the beams and let in the sky

So that behind the curtains, the fluttering blinds

Are the clouds, how they pile up

He makes me pale as an angel, casting new shadows

Dora Maar
A talented artist and photographer, this Surrealist icon – powerfully portrayed by Man Ray – had a tragic air, caused, Picasso believed, by her inability to have children. She ended her days surrounded by dust-encrusted relics of her time with Picasso.

Dora Maar-Weeping Woman

Tears roll down your face

Making you a jigsaw


The cant of love is old and you are weary

You pant with the need to throw yourself down

And bed again with the man

Whose face lives at the back of your mind


He stares from the silent walls

And you stare out from his brush


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