Travel Stone

Today I finished P L A C E by Jorie Graham while on the train to work, and tried writing a small stone…

The train journey is invisible to me. As I read it retreats into the distance, only its hum beneath my feet like a purposeful churning organ dragging me forwards. The earth that banks the train tracks, shining in the frost like a metal river bed, have rabbit holes that burrow into openness somewhere else. You will see them in summer, on the small islands of grass on roundabouts. I look up, there is snow on the ground.

I’m really pleased Sharon Olds has won the TS Eliot prize with her book Stag’s Leap, amazing. One of the poet’s favourites of 2012. I’m also loving Jodie Foster’s acceptance speech, and in response to the discussion on last week’s write in between whether I’m using epistrophe or anaphora I’m going to rip off the Guardian’s guide to Foster’s use of rhetoric, tying together love of Jodie Foster and love of geeky writing stuff…

(1) Anaphora: repetition of words or a phrase at the beginning of a clause or sentence.
(2) Polysyndeton: overuse of conjunctions.
(3) Ethos: attempt to establish authority or connection with the audience.
(4) Occultatio: a figure that brings in material while pretending not to talk about it.
(5) Tricolon: three units of speech put in a row.
(6) Peroration: final part of an argument.
(7) Chiasmus or antimetabole: four terms in a criss-crossed relation to each other.

Little bit more advanced than the GRIPPERS3PS that was in my English GCSE.

(Guilt, rhetorical questions, imagery, personal pronouns, emotive vocabulary, repeatition, stress, rule of 3, provocative statements, statistics.)


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