Phone Stone

Writing small stones makes me think of food, or technology.

Small Stone

I remember how I broke my first model, dropping it into the mop bucket at work. It fell from my top pocket and vanished behind the grey water as effective as a smoke screen. I paid 100 pounds for this one. My phone is face down on the carpet, it’s small green light blinking at the floor. I have to hide it like this because I charge it overnight, and the flashing light keeps me awake. Like the chatter of the rain dripping from the pipes, it is a steady heartbeat drumming a go sign to no one in the dark. I turn it on and the small familiar message comes up, Fatal damage to mass media storage. I press okay to acknowledge it and it goes away. I check twitter and facebook. My screensaver is a batch of scotch bonnet chillis. Red and yellow. I feel safe again.


5 thoughts on “Phone Stone

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  2. I like this, it’s very relatable. Strange and scary how attached we become to such small, insignificant things.

    Have you ever played Portal? It makes a good comment about this in a way with Companion Cubes.

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