Tale of One Pizza

Small Stone Writing Challenge 

A polished moment of paying proper attention

or a rough hewn pebble of somewhat inaccurate dimensions?

One for today:

The pizza will taste of the cardboard box it is packed away into. The box rests on the train seat’s small plastic table that I have unclipped to flop down and cover my lap. The box perches, too large for the square of table. There’s a grease mark on its surface and I balance Charles Dickens’  A Tale of Two Cities in one hand while my other brings a slice of Margherita to my mouth. The melted mozzarella has half slid from the slice and it dangles like a pile of knotted string. The book is a new book that smells of fresh paper and I regret the possibility of it now smelling like pizza on a train. This book was given me on World Book Day and the book blurb promises, Please try this book. We think you’re going to love it. I think I love it so much I am willing to scar it with trails of grease and cheese just so that I can squeeze another chapter into my life. I wish I were less determined as a reader. I have promised to read 150 books in 2013  on my Good Reads profile, and I am starting with Dickens.

Other peeps I know taking part in the small stone writing challenge Jan 2013:



P.S See my first attempt at a Small Stone here.


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