It is Friday 30th November. And I have completed. Not my life, but NANO.

Crackle                             50,165 words                                            199 pages

Play list known as NANO final sprint: The Final Countdown, We Built this City, More Than a Feeling, Hammer to Fall.

On repeat you can write two thousand quite easily.

Having finished, I’m feeling somewhat deflated. I miss my daily target! However, writing at times was terrible, I felt actually bored by the words I was typing. Actually, bored. Why is this character’s life so boring. Every punctuation mark was a trial. Other times I felt the character’s voice sweep me along, so that I felt like I was talking to someone, almost, whom I’d just met.

My favourite part of writing to task, was the lack of planning. The plot twists that I improvised as I went along entertained me. I didn’t see Chloe as being stranded, I saw her as a traveler. But some of the best bits of writing her story came when she was stranded in an abandoned town. Then one of the best plot twists I got from talking the novels plot over with Sara. In general my thinking is quite floaty, and she helped ground me and then expand the potential of the plot further. And put one of my characters in space.

Research included looking at photos of the Amazon, the below picture of lily pads was just part of that but it resurfaced in my writing in the strangest place.

As she holds him with the strength of her skinny teen arms skimming his body, they move onto the floor, the cushions around them thick as lily pads on the Amazon, floating in their own heady river.

Her arms skim his body and they move onto the floor. Cushions around them giant lily pads as they float.


Example of the bad writing I know.  To be honest, I just edited that sentence three times to make it slightly less bad. It’s still not great. erhum. Nevermind!

Of my 8 main characters, we see 3 die. Of my sub-characters, 6 die. Not including animals. There’s one fist fight, one rocket launch. Three empty houses described in some detail. Three characters get hideously drunk. There’s a sexual encounter that may be a hallucination. It’s a hard world inbetween the pages. I hope when I edit the deaths will lessen.

And that’s the plan come January, edit Crackle. As of now I am concentrating on Brian’s Story, and am going to try and update it weekly with another part of that puzzle.

Could not have done this without the Write In’s at Mad Lab, and it’s been great to meet crazy people who use mint Match Sticks as the basis of a reward system.

Signing out, NANO 2012.

nano win


P.S My initial synopsis, so hopeful! :

One winter’s evening, at 17.00, all the trees in the world spontaneously combust. First half deals with day one, pre combust, second half deals with day two, post combust.


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