Wednesday Write-in #14


dizzy  ::  spit  ::  replacement  ::  grey  ::  campfire

I’m needing to write more of NANO, so I’ve made the prompts this week part of my NANO writing. If you wanted to read my novel synposis and an extract you could click on the NANO symbol, which will take you to my NANO profile.

This character is called Sam, he is a ten year old boy whose parents want him to be safe.

Sam’s head was spinning as the acceleration grew, his stomach bolted inside him. His body drummed against the straps holding him down, each limb dizzy with a separate sense of the hurricane that was surrounding him. He might have been replaced with a new person, someone who had spent their life  bandaged and was now being slowly unpeeled, a mummy emerging from their treasure soaked grave to find a grey, old world. Beneath Sam’s body and the vertical ascent of the rocket the earth turned, campfires spreading to wildfire spreading to smoke. They’d made it through an ash cloud’s dense belly, their speed propelling them through the atmosphere. Self induced combustion driving them onwards, upwards. The heaviness of the ship beckoning at gravity lessened as the first engine fell away, and with it the next kicked into action, spitting their own trail of smoke behind them they carved into the sky.

Feedback welcome! How is Sam going to respond to being in space? I have no idea, yet…


9 thoughts on “WWIn: NANO

  1. Love this! Oh, poor Sam. The things we do to our characters in the name of NaNo.

    I really liked the bit about his different limbs being dizzy with the hurricane, and the idea of spending a life bandaged and becoming someone else, so interesting. Sam is a very profound ten year old, I’m a little sad he’s up in space.

    (though at least he’s not on fire??)

    • lol, maybe I need to make him a bit older? I remember being quite profound at ten though. Space is the better option at the moment, just realised I didn’t dress him for space, I better go back and put a helmet on him at least.

      • A helmet will make a few more words too 😉

        But no, it definitely works, there are lots of profound ten year olds out there. I think he’s lovely 🙂

  2. Great quality writing, very intense. You did a great job. It’s funny I have also been trying to use the prompts to work on my novel and the main character of the novel I am working on is also called Sam and as a boy he is interested in space etc
    Keep up the good work and best of luck with the rest of NaNo!

    • No way! It’s the name Sam, it’s an ace name. Good to hear from a fellow NANOer, hope all is going well, thanks for stopping by, I am glad you liked the piece 😀

  3. This is great! I love: someone who had spent their life bandaged and was now being slowly unpeeled, a mummy emerging from their treasure soaked grave to find a grey, old world.

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