Friday Fictioneers: Iced Cake

Photo prompt courtesy of © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The cake was frosted in white icing that would stick to your molars. It sat in its splendor waiting for the pop of champagne. Perfectly French manicured nails tore a chunk out of the bottom layer. The confection slowly slides into itself, a collapsing balloon. The bride and groom are buried in the snow drift, somewhere between cream filling and vanilla sponge. She lifts the veil she’d borrowed earlier, before the first hit had smacked the bride’s face with the red paint of her own blood. Then the best man, the white flag of his speech fluttering in his hand.

Word Count: 100


20 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Iced Cake

  1. I really liked the parallel of the bride and groom buried in the cake – though I’m having a little trouble picturing exactly what she did to them. The combination of ‘perfectly French manicured nails’ and ‘tearing chunks’ was perfect.

    • Thanking you. I had more description of the nails that I had to cut-almond shaped and crystal tipped-I thought you get it from French manicured anyway.

  2. Hit woman? (if so, why? And hired by whom?) Wronged girlfriend? Or ??? What about the rest of the wedding party? Very tantalizing.

    • I was thinking bridesmaid seeks revenge and brings a gun to the wedding. I have a thing about writing weddings from their destructive potential angle.

  3. This is so descriptive. Particularly liked “.. buried in the snow drift, somewhere between cream filling and vanilla sponge”. Well done.

  4. I was enjoying the images and comparison betw. the cake and snow but got hit between the eyeballs when she got “hit”…Why and by whom? A little hint would have been nice.

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