Beautiful Outlaw: Sara

I’m going to quote this website in full so that I remember what I mean when I say I’ve written a Lipogram:

A text that excludes one or more letters of the alphabet. Variations include poems in which the excluded letters are those of a particular word or name. (When it’s a name, the poem is called A Beautiful Outlaw.) ° If you reverse the logic, you can write a poem in which only letters occuring in a particular word or words may be used. (When it’s a name, the poem is called A Beautiful In-Law.) ° One popular idea is to write an epithilamium using letters from the names of the bride and groom.

Today I wrote a Beautiful Outlaw for Sara. I’m still spotting stray a’s and s’s, but I hope I’ve got them all now! Here’s a link to an old one I did for my name.

Owl Tongue

The type of pecking which will fly

Without the bounce, the often known


The helpful hold not letting go

The peck will pulp, will pull and fold.


Feel the incline. Will you dive with me?

The night, without doubt, could keep


Between the hunted, the kelp filled deep

Humid moon blotted, clotted you.


No ledge, no hedge but only the cool

Bottom of wing. Fly now though


It will collect on the dulcet tone.

The flying one will be gone, will flee.


We hunt the echo, tend the till.

Wind the clock, the ticking kill.


Time tick, peck the tock.

Without doubt, my love, without doubt.


Thought will net, will meet the new

The cold one open, wetted blue


Blunted, hunted, peck then pounce

Keep to the line, the weighted ounce.


Honey, lovie, won’t you go

Beyond the kept, the wept, the old


The bounding winding feline fleece

Feel on the neck, the tongue the teeth


It will be found, it will be known

Fleet foot, echo going home


Numb with the tie of vice and tock

The click of key in the lock


Heckle me with blue, with white

Piece of velvet, know the lie.


Lone lion look to the newly felt.

Eye of pupil quickly will melt.


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