Friday Fiction: Retsina

Trying to write a small amount every day in preparation for NANOWRIMO. So taking the prompt from here, using the photograph, here’s what I’ve written, one hundred words exactly.


The afternoon sun was baking me within the tall white walls of the streets oven. I sunk into the shadows, the retsina bottle of rose wine uncorked and heavy in my hand. As the sweet liquid quenched me, a woman passed, cool, collected. She threw a coin at my feet. I exploded, ‘What do you think money will buy me? What?’ I was spluttering, wine droplets running from my mouth’s corners. She didn’t even pause, her skirts swayed behind her. I was left with the smell of the sea, the pure sun, a half empty bottle swinging from my fingers.




21 thoughts on “Friday Fiction: Retsina

  1. Well to be honest, if I saw anyone drinking retsina I’d think they neeed a cash hand-out too. I liked the image of the woman walking away. Nicely done.

    • Hello Ron, I kind of saw the character on the street as male, to increase tension between him and the woman passing. Also in his back story there’s love gone wrong, which the woman’s handout reflects. I’m glad the fury is there!

  2. Ahh, retsina and that taste of pine! 🙂 We prefer roditis, but either way, wouldn’t care to be mistaken for beggars (or worse) if drinking it in the street.

  3. Even not knowing what retsina was, (until I looked it up) I felt this was the sort of fella who inhabits the streets with a bottle in his hand and a chip on his shoulder.

    • Hehe, thanking you. A large chip innit. I wanted to suggest Greece through a detail which is the retsina, and then I liked the word so I used it as title too.

  4. I guess the old woman took her for a hopeless beggar or “down and out, over the hill” prostitute. If she appears that bad, she should be grateful and take the coin. Nice work.

  5. he’s an unhappy man, and i feel bad, but he needn’t lash out at kindness. but his issues and the wine are clouding his judgment. poor guy. well done.

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