National Poetry Day: Stars

Happy National Poetry Day! The theme this year is stars, and above is a starry piece I wrote agesss ago. I sent it off on this postcard for the Sheffield competition, because I really enjoyed the idea that your poem might be projected into space to float among the stars for a while. You can see the winning entries that are orbiting at the moment here. I also liked that we had to fit the poem on a postcard space, and thought I’d embrace the chance to edit my poem down a bit. Here’s the full version:


Perseids Meteor Shower


Look to the sky at midnight,

To the west.

We were lying in our double bed,

Eyes closing.

You, solemn as a thought

I might have had


as I stumbled with the plates;

Scrapped the leftovers into the black lined bin,

Pushed the cutlery into the soapy bucket,

Remembered that tonight at twelve o clock,

The meteors would scream through the atmosphere,

Their promise.


The sky existed without us,

Our eye witness.

The blaze of it beckoned.

But you were sleepy,

stroked my shoulder,

Consoled me for the shooting stars I’d missed.


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