Story: Honey

Hello there, Wednesday Write-in 7.

Funnily, I didn’t read Sarah’s story this morning as I didn’t want it to affect what I wrote, yet I managed to choose the same principle in a way. Only the method differs, do you melt your chocolate in the microwave or on the hob?


amber  ::  dark chocolate  ::  heather

I held myself still, flat on the living room floor. To begin, she drew an amber circle of honey around my navel. It slid satisfyingly sticky, making smooth paths. Squeezing the plastic bottle between two hands, her fingernails painted deep purple. I watched it fall through the air, looping over my stomach in delicate arcs that felt cool on my skin. Dotted lines of it leading from my shoulders down my arms to entangle in the hair, making small peaks of honey mountains momentarily. It oozed over my hands, leaking between the knuckles, each digit golden. Then she moved onto dark chocolate, melted slowly over a pot of bubbling water, in its own glass bowl like a sweet slippery fish. It drooled off the wooden spoon she held above my body, tracking in and out of the honey till I was a decorated human, waiting for a wasp to assault the sugary maze. The chocolate was hot at first, soon adjusting to my temperature, mingling with the perspiration on my forehead. Like lace it flowed over my ears. As a finishing touch, she took a sprig of heather and put it in my hair, another she placed on my mouth; like a ribbon. She surveyed the creation. Good enough to eat, she muttered, stay there till I get back. I heard the front door click to.

Word Count: 226



4 thoughts on “Story: Honey

  1. Yummy. You make me what to go out and buy some dark chocolate and call my boyfriend 😀

    I love the detail you go into to illustrate each action. I’m curious to know where she’s gone 🙂

    • lol. I think she’s gone shopping for something banal, like sprinkles to add to the decoration. Or maybe she’s just gone for a cig break before continuing….I took refuge in detail because I had no plot! I need to learn plotting. x

  2. I personally go for the hob option when melting my chocolate, but I definitely see Gutter as a microwave girl. It’s so interesting that our stories are so similar though – great minds!

    I love the language, it’s so sexy. Yay dark chocolate!

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