Script Showcase!

Next week the script showcase is up and running. I am very nervous, and potentially will be hiding at the back, but should be fun! I’m on Tuesday 1-2 and the lovely Sarah Logan is in the same time slot, doesn’t get much better. Ruth’s script is hilarious, so you might as well come and laugh, and mine has some jokes, what you might call jokes. I’m including here the plan for the whole event, eggciting:

The Department of English and the School of Theatre with North West Playwrights present rehearsed readings of plays by this year’s graduates and students of Manchester Metropolitan University’s postgraduate Scriptwriting Course.

Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th September  2012

Venue: Capitol Theatre, Mabel Tylecote Building, All Saints, Oxford Road, Manchester

Tues 1 – 2
extracts from:
Wedding Tunes
TheTea-Leaf Cafe
Rebecca Smith
Sarah Logan
Ruth Fitzgerald
Tues 4.30 – 5.30 Terms of Repayment Jessica Carter
Tues 5.30 – 6.30
extracts from:
Loving You Quietly
Susan Rothwell
Richard O’Neil
Wed 1 -2 Til Death Do Us Party Lara Brown
Wed 4.30 – 5.30 Blue Helen Jennings
Wed 5.30 – 6.30
extracts from:
Three Red Huts
Lynn Pegler
Donna Worthington

Seats available free on a first come first served basis. Directors:  Lawrence Till, Sue Reddish and Chris Bridgman.
Stage Manager: Sophia Hatfield.
For further information please contact or go to

Chris Bridgman is the Artistic Director of North West Playwrights and has worked with MMU on conferences and courses, including Next Stages in 2007 and Next Act in 2010. Chris ran the workshop with professional actors for our MA Scriptwriters for the course Scriptwriting in Practice.  Julie Wilkinson (Producer) is a playwright, Senior Lecturer in the Department of English at MMU, and a member of the British Theatre Consortium.   (    


Amazing Bios, so embarrassing to write:

Rebecca Audra Smith is currently studying for an MA in poetry at Manchester Metropolitan. She blogs at  Best of Manchester Poets, Blank Media and Bad Language have published her work.  Rebecca aims to spend 15 hours week writing.
Wedding Tunes:  Katie and David met on the internet and knew instantly that they were right for each other.  Katie wants the perfect white wedding; but will this marriage survive the reception?  The best man makes a play for the bride, the bride slaps the groom; the waitress spills red wine over the bride and flirts with the maid of honour; the wedding organiser loses control.  Doves disappear and reappear, the bride’s dress is ruined, the groom disenchanted; but despite the mirage that is the Wedding, new relationships take wing, out of the ashes of the Big Day.

Sarah Logan is a black belt in procrastination and a master of brevity. She invites you to take tea with her imagination, though it prefers an Irish coffee. You can find free stories and tales of her various writing exploits on her website,
Teddie:  They say she’s a drunk, a loser, a hack. But when Bradley goes missing, Teddie’s the only one you’d trust to find him. Struggling to overcome alcoholism, Teddie dreams her way through rehab as a hardboiled forties-style detective.

Ruth Fitzgerald wants to write drama for radio.  She has studied scriptwriting with the University of East Anglia’s Centre for Continuing Education. Ruth is currently taking the Writing for Children route of MMU’s MA in Creative Writing.  She also writes fiction.
Tea Leaf Café: Mirabelle and Janice are apparently respectable shoppers in their sixties.  In fact, the friends have been partners in crime since Janice was a young mum, both hooked on the thrill of outwitting the store detectives.  Janice is about to become a Grandma and determined to clean up her image.  Mirabelle persuades her to risk one last ‘lift’, for old time’s sake.


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