AND Volunteering

Last day of the AND festival today, and my last shift volunteering tonight. I’ve spent some time with the Mobile Republic caravans, and the train project at the MOSI. I thought I’d upload some shots of me in my train driver role, when I say train driver, what I did was push a little green button to reset the circuit or something. But I had the uniform! Here I am at the station:



And here I am at the Mobile Republic, I went to say hi on my way to Cornerhouse:



And here’s the mini-train coming towards me late evening:


And here’s the sunset from the end of the disused railway tracks:


It was pretty eerie waiting at the end of some deadend tracks for a two person train to trundle down to me. They adapted the old transport’s system’s M to use as their logo, its another version of the one the tram system uses. I took a small pic of that on the train in motion:


One of the designers of the train, the male half of HeHe, said it was made to run at night. It had a totally different feeling at nighttime, very insular, like you were crawling across a strange moon’s surface. Which I suppose is kind of what we are doing all the time in a sense. There were operating train tracks right near the project, and those trains would screech past  as the M-blem train hummed its way over. It was like sitting in a noisy bee.

Last shot of the Hilton and the moon!




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