Wednesday Write-in

I wanted to respond to Sarah’s blog CAKE, with it’s challenge to write a short story using some prompts over the course of a Wednesday.

From the prompts, a taste of salt, and a stiff drink. I tried to write a short story. I failed. So I wrote a conversation between two people lost on a walk. It is called: Not a drop to drink. Word Count: 375.



Person 1: Do you know the way?


Person 2: No.


P1: Oh, okay. I don’t either.


P2: We’ll just follow the water.


P1: The river?


P2: Yes. It’s salt water. It’ll take us towards the sea.


P1: It might be taking us away from the sea.


P2: Maybe.


P1: Perhaps. Do you like walking?


P2: No. Imagine if you were a tree. That’s how I feel.


P1: What, rooted?


P2: No, just, swaying.


P1: I could use a stiff drink.


P2: The waterfalls are meant to be clean. Apart from the dead sheep, you need to avoid them.


P1: Right. Well, it’s not like I’m thirsty.


P2: No?


P1: No, just fancied a pint.


P2: There’s a pub at the end of this road.


P1: There’s a pub at the end of every road.


P2: So, we’ll be fine then?


P1: Yes, of course we will. Look for the signposts.






P2: I can’t see any.


P1: They’ll be coming up around that bend.


P2: That bend looks miles away.


P1: I’m thirsty now, actually.


P2: For a pint?


P1: No, just in general.


P2: Try the rain.


P1: It’s made of acid.


P2: That’s just naturist’s propaganda.


P1: No, it’s true. It’s worse than coke.


P2: Don’t be stupid. Nothing is worse than coke.


P1: I’d drink a can of coke right now, if I had one.


P2: It dissolves your teeth. Not immediately, but eventually.


P1: Whisky is a preservative. That’s why I drink it.


P2: Are you pickling yourself?


P1: Only my essential organs. Red wine for the heart, whisky for the rest.


P2: There’s a signpost. Oh no, it’s just a tree.


P1: Another tree.


P2: Yes. I think we must be nearly there though. I hope. It’s getting darker. I’d love a cup of tea. I always have a cup of tea around this time. Strong, with lots of sugar. If you heat the milk up then add it it goes slightly treacly. Nice.


P1: Cup of tea for you, pint for me. Don’t ask for much.


P2: Shall we turn back?


P1: No, we should keep going.


P2: Yes, okay. At least to the bend. And then we’ll see.


P1: Yeah, there’ll be a pub around the bend.


P2: Yeah.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Write-in

  1. I love this scene, I really want to know what’s going on – who are they? And not so much why are they lost, but why don’t they seem to mind where they’re going? It seems to be enough that they get to the sea, or a pub, with no particular destination in mind. This is really interesting, and I think you get so much across with just the dialogue. Yeah! 😀

    • Originally they were Julie and Gareth, who did care about getting lost, but that version didn’t work out! I’m glad I took part yay :D. Thanks for the prompts 😀

    • Well thanking you, I haven’t read him much, wikipedia says he is ‘essentially pessimistic’, but the ‘will to live wins out in the end’. So that sounds good.

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