All the notebooks I’ve ever written in

Ripping off Red Newsom’s blog: All the Places I’ve ever Lived, this post won’t have all the notebooks ever, but here’s a selection of notebooks I should really start to limit myself to writing in, instead of finding new ways of avoiding it. For example, I’ve started writing on the backs of old script drafts, which is fun because I feel like Sylvia Plath writing on the backs of old work (ie Ted Hughes’ work).

First notebook was an experiment in writing around illustrations, and I found it for a quid in a art bookstore in London. It was A4 size, and I took it to poetry readings for a while and read from it which was kool. I also liked that it was pink:


And there was the paperchase notepad which was a gift in my third year of uni. I absolutely filled it with rantings, it also contains the efforts of my first napowrimo, write a poem a day every day in April. I think it was my writing journal when I was doing my first module in creative writing.  It has old tickets in it, the brochure for the 2009 Manc Lit Festival with all the events I volunteered at circled, etc etc:

The reliable Pukka Pad which I used through the first year of my masters, also contains the poems from the first trip to Arran which was when I started using it:

Birthday present in my first year of Manchester, full of stuff written in Manchester Art Gallery. One of my favourites of that year because it is so small, you feel an easy sense of achievement on finishing filling it, and it’s easy to carry:


These two are gifts from my Mum, neither of which are at all full. The leather bound one has a complicated binding which makes it hard to commit to writing a brief poem in, the second one is your classic waterstones hardback, which is lined and I generally prefer blank. I think as well because it is hardback and that makes me feel it’s too heavy to carry around. However this year I’m definitely going to start filling the Waterstones one:



Present from my Mum which I received in May, already nearly full, even though it is lined. I love the size of it and the random ‘You are that aeroplane’. Very encouraging thought.



Gift from my good friend Belinda, which I haven’t written even one word in yet. What kind of words to write in it, that is the question:



And here are the notebooks that get to travel with me lately. The scribbles one is another Mum gift, very fond of it even though it’s hardback, the pages are nicely blankly white. Then I have my two moleskins, one plain black, a mini-one for my mini-organiser. I also have a moleskin which is for London, it contains a tube map and list of places I’ve visited there. It’s a great notebook, but every night before we go to London I am desperately hunting for it and eventually give up and take something else instead. The perils of committing to a subject.





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